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Welcome to the website for Eurocon 2007.

Eurocon 2007 is the 29th European science fiction convention, it was in Copenhagen 21-23 September.

Other guests

Svend Åge Madsen * Lene Kaaberbøl
Anne-Marie Vedsø Olesen * H. H. Løyche

Ralan Conley * Bruce Holland Rogers (US)
Roelof Goudriaan * Frank Roger (BELGIUM)
Harry Harrison (UK)
Jean-Pierre Laigle (FRANCE)
Thomas R.P. Mielke * Ruth Nestvold
Mark von Schlegell (GERMANY)
David Murphy * Bob Neilson * John Kenny
Frank Ludlow (IRELAND)
Valentin Capotescu (ROMANIA)
Timo Vuorensola (FINLAND)

Thanks and see you next time

We would like to say thank you to all that helped making Eurocon 2007, and to all guests and participants. See you at Fantasticon 2008 26-27 april in Denmark, or at Eurocon 2008 15-18 may in Moscow.

Special offer
'The Little Mermaid, AD 5 Billion' is a painting that David A. Hardy painted for Eurocon 2007, a painting that was sold at the art auction. A limited number of prints on canvas paper have now been made of the picture and can be bought on Hardy's website. You can buy the picture in the sizes A4 (£30) or A3 (£40).
Payment may be made by credit card simply by clicking on 'Buy Now' (you don't have to be signed up to PayPal) and typing in 'Little Mermaid A4' or 'A3' or by paypal payment to
Eurocon 2007 accounts

The Accounts for Eurocon 2007 has now been balanced.

Eurocon 2007 ballance

Read conreps from Eurocon 2007
Winner of the short story contest
Winners of the Eurocon short story contest:
1. No Lights Dance In This Northern Sky, Christopher K. Barrett, USA
2. Fishing with the Devil, Bradley Michael Zerbe, USA
3. Big Game, Melissa Mead, USA

Honorable Mentions:
Ahead, Lionel Davoust, France
Ruby's Wish, Jamie Meyerhoff, USA
1-day 1-page fanzine

Flemming Rasch pulished two 1-page fanzines.

Saturday edition

Sunday edition